Jens Henrik Bie has had an extensive career working in the creative field, as a consultant and in the international commercial music business. He has also wide experience in the creative consulting and the martial arts business. His vast experience includes: producing music and sound for numerous award winning commercials and documentaries including the Global award for media excellence in 1989. Game Development for Nordisk Film, Denmark, as a Creative consultant for the music business and as a Creative Producer. His adventures has lead to numerous innovative projects, including a Alternative New Age Music project for self development and inner spirit traveling.

Throughout the nineties Jens Henrik Bie worked as Yamaha Pro Music’s demo and sales representative covering all of Latin America, with a base in Central America and a office in Miami the traveling became too intense, he retired and moved back to Europe after spending 10 years living in Central America.

Late 1990ties Henrik created some ideas for board games, which evolved into electronic game designs, 2002 He went together with 5 other persons and formally in 2003 Henrik Bie established 3B Development Group Aps (known as 3Bgamez), an interactive game development house with Nordisk Film Interactive as partner.

Since then, he has worked at Copenhagen Fire Department and developing his own projects through his company, furthermore he keeps visiting USA and Central America where a big part of his heart, creativity and spirit still is.